1945 Gun Digest Table of Contents

Our Small Arms and Their Makers 4
The Proper Big Game Rifle 15
High Power Rifles 19
Military Small Arms of World War II 23
Small Game and Varmint Hunting 41
Selecting and Shooting a Target Rifle 45
.22 Caliber Rifles 55
Shooting the Muzzle-Loading Cap Lock Rifle 70
Upland Guns and Loads 74
Shotguns For Field and Waterfowl Shooting 78
The Best Gun For Ducks 93
Flyways of North America 97
Shotguns – Trap and Skeet 98
Trap and Skeet Shooting 104
Shotgun Velocity, Pattern and Shot Charts 108
Choosing a Handgun and Learning To Shoot It 109
Pistols and Revolvers 115
Ballistic Tables For Rifle and Revolver Ammunition 128
Rifle Sighting Tables 135
Sighting A Hunting Rifle 137
Sights, Scopes, Mounts, Binoculars, Special Chokes 138
Guns Will Last A Lifetime 153
New Tips On Decoying 155
Listing of Discontinued Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns 158