The HK G28 Marksman is currently deployed in Afghanistan.
The HK G28 Marksman is currently deployed in Afghanistan. Click to enlarge.

G28 Marksman Rifles

The G28 is the new designated marksman rifle for the German army. Based on the MR308 civilian competition rifle (the European variant of the new MR762A1), the G28 uses the HK417 “envelope” as its design foundation but with several significant differences.

The G28 employs a steel upper receiver, is semi-automatic only, and has a new Picatinny-type rail handguard. A newly-redesigned two-stage gas regulator is designed for both suppressed and unsuppressed use. The G28 is equipped with a free-floating, chromed-lined barrel manufactured using HK’s cold-hammer forging technology.

The Heckler & Koch HK G28 Patrol Rifle. Click to enlarge.
The Heckler & Koch HK G28 Patrol Rifle. Click to enlarge.

Despite its differences from the HK417, the G28 still retains approximately 75% parts compatibility with HK417 models, according to the company. Available in Standard Configuration and Patrol Configuration (3.5 lb/1.6 kg lighter with a shorter handguard and less powerful 1-8x scope), both G28 variants come standard with adjustable buttstocks. The Standard Configuration buttstock has a movable cheekpiece. Both G28 configurations and special low IR observable green/brown (RAL8000) color finish.

HK’s standard, complete weapons system configuration features Schmidt & Bender telescopic sights (3-20×50 or 1-8×24), red dot sight (Aimpoint Micro T1), a laser light module (Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics LLM01-RAL8000), night sight (Qioptiq Merlin LR), a thermal sight (Insight CNVD-T35), and laser range finders (Jenoptik HLR15 or Vectronix PLRF15). A special Peli (Pelican) transportation case and noiseless carrying sling is also available.

Accuracy is what you’d expect for a Dedicated Marksmanship Rifle (DMR) of this type at 1.5 MOA for high first round hit probability on chest size targets up to 600 meters, and precise suppression fire against man-size targets up to 800 meters.

Currently in operational use in Afghanistan, the G28 is designated as a military/law enforcement firearm and is not available for civilian/commercial sales at this time.

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  1. I suppose with ALL the optics, that’s a decent price. But for less than $3 Grand USD one could buy a true American-made firearm, with utmost dependability, and 3/4″ MOA guaranteed.
    GA Precision GAP-10, based on the Patriot Ordnance Factory P308.
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    However, the increasing interest in a .30 cal combat round just goes to prove the necessity for a full-battle rifle, and reinforces the concept assault rifle combat tactics have a place, but all things being equal ‘bigger [holes] is better.’