When Taurus originally came out with the 24/7 line, everyone talked about the ergonomics, light weight and wonderful grip.  Now we have some more to talk about. The 24/7 OSS DS, offers all these features plus a longer barrel and sight radius and the new double strike feature lets you simply pull the trigger again on a misfire.

Now there are two schools of thought on this: One is that any misfire should be immediately met with a malfunction drill. The other is if you can quickly pull the trigger once more and make the gun go “bang” you’ve just saved that three-quarters of a second it takes to “tap, rack and roll.”  I’ll go for the double-strike option any time. If the firing pin hits the primer twice without a result, I’ll look for cover and run the malfunction drill.

But there was something else I liked about the Taurus: The orange magazine follower. Yes, that’s right, ORANGE. And I now think all magazine followers on all fighting pistols should be orange. This visual indicator of an empty magazine is outstanding. It is especially good in a training situations when you are checking or clearing a weapon.

Getting on with the real meat of a gun test, the OSS was a dream to shoot. With 15 rounds of .40 S&W on top of that orange follower, there was lots of shooting to be done. The long slide and comfortable design of the OSS made rapid fire accurate and fun.

When I moved over to the .45 ACP model, I noticed the magazine followers were not orange and therefore should be fixed, but I also noticed that the guns came with a magazine-loading tool for a reason. Even though the .45 ACP holds 12 rounds and the .40 S&W holds 15, getting that final round of .45 in the magazine was something of a chore. The loading tool really helped.

Shooting the .45 was every bit as comfortable and enjoyable as the .40 S&W, though I tended to shoot the .45 quite a bit low. I’ll chalk that up to my 6 o’clock hold on the target. A dead-center hold seemed to work better.

All in all, both guns are worth a look if you want a long-slide model with plenty of firepower.

If you want to get your hands on a Taurus PT24/7 OSS DS, check out www.taurususa.com.


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