FN Adds M249S Para to Military Collector Series

FN is expanding its Military Collector Series with the new M249S Para, a semi-auto replica of the M249 developed for paratroopers.

First Look: Colt Delta Elite Rail Gun

Colt is improving on its 10mm Auto Delta Elite once more, this time making it a true rail gun by adding an accessory rail for attachments.

Choosing the Right Hunting Revolver

Finding a hunting revolver that suits you well is critical. Should you choose a single- or double-action? .357 Mag. or .44 Mag? .454 Casull? Long barrel? Short barrel? Scope? Open sights? What configuration will fulfill your needs?

Firearms D.I.Y.: Building Your Own Custom AK

For many years, the Kalashnikov was a pretty set platform. Not any longer. With a wealth of aftermarket parts and upgrades, it is now possible to build a custom AK to your exact specs.

Ruger Introduces American Pistol Compact in .45 ACP

Ruger's American Pistol Line has continued to grow with the release of a new compact model in .45ACP — something certain to catch the attention of those who carry.

Video: New Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0

Smith & Wesson has taken its polymer pistol line into the future while still remaining true to its roots with the M&P M2.0. With a rash of design improvements, these gems have everything a shooter might want.


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