The CZ 75 is a masterpiece in firearms design. It is one of the original wonder-nines, and was the flagship of all further pistol design by the company.
With the 2017 SHOT Show less than a week away, we preview some of the excellent new guns and gear available to shooters in 2017.
Colt is improving on its 10mm Auto Delta Elite once more, this time making it a true rail gun by adding an accessory rail for attachments.
Finding a hunting revolver that suits you well is critical. Should you choose a single- or double-action? .357 Mag. or .44 Mag? .454 Casull? Long barrel? Short barrel? Scope? Open sights? What configuration will fulfill your needs?
Ruger's American Pistol Line has continued to grow with the release of a new compact model in .45ACP — something certain to catch the attention of those who carry.
Smith & Wesson has taken its polymer pistol line into the future while still remaining true to its roots with the M&P M2.0. With a rash of design improvements, these gems have everything a shooter might want.
Colt is back in the double-action revolver game with its Cobra in .38 Special +P, brand new for 2017.
Ruger has expanded its GP100 and Redhawk double-action revolver families with two new models, a .44 Special GP100 and a .357 Magnum Redhawk.
The new Walther PPS M2 carries on the legacy of its predecessor and offers the concealed carry masses a comfortable, effective option.


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