Video: Mastering the Basics for Precision Shooting


Working on the basics of rifle marksmanship is the key to improving your precision shooting.

Precise and consistent performance when behind the trigger isn’t rocket science. It’s mastering the basics of shooting — position, breath control, trigger discipline, clear sight picture. Then it’s drilling these fundamentals to a razor’s edge, so if the occasion arises, a shooter can cut right through a target. Firearms instructor and member of Colt’s Combat Unit Daryl Holland goes over how these fundamentals come together to make a perfect shot in the above video. It’s a great introduction for those who are new to the way of the gun and an excellent review for grizzled marksmen looking to enhance their precision shooting abilities. Perhaps as important as Holland covering the elements of making an accurate shot is his advice for shooters to challenge themselves at the range. Real life — be it a self-defense situation or a golden opportunity afield — rarely has a rock-solid rest at the shooter's beck and call. In turn, shooters should look to put themselves in true-to-life positions and attempt to break off shots as accurately as if they were at a bench.

Precision Shooting - Mastering the Basics - AR-15 Skills Drills
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