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SIG Sauer Expands KILO Rangefinder Line

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SIG Sauer has added two new products to its respected KILO rangefinder line: the KILO850 for archery and the KILO1250 for hunting.

Over the past few years, SIG Sauer’s Electro-Optics line has grown exponentially, and the manufacturer has continued to expand into new categories and add to existing optics lines. The company now offers a wide assortment of optics ranging from tactical and hunting riflescopes to red dot and reflex sights to binoculars and rangefinders.

One of the manufacturer’s most impressive introductions came last year in the form of its KILO2000 rangefinder, an advanced design featuring a lightning-fast processor. Now, SIG is continuing its expansion by adding two more products to the KILO rangefinder line: the KILO850 and KILO1250.

“The SIG SAUER KILO2000 has set a new standard in rangefinders,” said Andy York, President SIG SAUER Electro-Optics Division. “Now we have incorporated that same LightWave DSP core with blazing fast scan speeds into both the 6X KILO1250 for Hunting and the 4X KILO850 which is ideal for Archery with lower magnification and a higher field of view.”

Like the previous KILO2000, both of these new rangefinders feature SIG's anti-reflection SpectraCoat coating for superior light transmission and excellent optical clarity. Similarly, the KILO850 and KILO1250 also come equipped with the incredible LightWave digital signal-processing core, which ranges targets incredibly fast and at long distances, and HyperScan mode, which provides four range updates per second.

The KILO850 is a 4x20mm monocular that can range reflective targets out to 1,200 yards, while the KILO1250 is a 6x20mm monocular that ranges reflective targets to 1,600 yards. The 850 utilizes a transmissive LCD display, whereas the 1250 features a High Transmittance LCD display.

Both models offer line of sight (LOS) or angle modified range (AMR) in yards or meters to tenth Y/M resolution and allow users to choose between target modes featuring “Last” or “Best” for pinpoint accuracy. The two models both feature a sleek and slim design well suited for one-handed operation and come equipped with lanyard attachment points for field use.

The KILO850 is available for $239.99 in black or $264.99 in a camouflage pattern. The KILO1250 is available at a price of $359.99 for black, or $384.99 for the camouflage version. Product specifications for each can be found below.

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SIG Sauer KILO850 Rangefinder

SIG Sauer KILO1250 Rangefinder

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