3-Gun Competition

We at Gun Digest are like you -- we thrill as the speed and accuracy of 3-gun competitions. We help you keep abreast of the fastest sport on two legs, delivering you the latest news, gear reviews and competition videos. Whether you are considering jumping into the fray or are content with watching other run the course, our 3-gun competition section has something for you.

Reliability is important in all firearms; however, it is especially important for those who choose to compete in 3-Gun events.
Colt has introduced stainless steel models of its excellent new Competition Pistol for those looking for something with a little more elegance.
The Colt name has always been highly regarded in the shooting industry. It only makes sense that the same can be said of Team Colt competitive shooters.
If you are looking to get into 3-Gun, TRUGLO offers one-stop shopping for all your pistol, shotgun, and AR sighting needs.
Solid fundamentals are important in any 3-Gun or similar-style competition. Watch as Jerry Miculek offers some basic tips on action rifle shooting.
Aguila Ammunition Pro Staffer and renowned competitive shooter Jerry Miculek offers some great tips for shooting a rifle on the move. Check out the video for more.
The FN 15 Competition Rifle is tailor-made for the competitive shooter. Find out more about this great rifle in Gun Digest's exclusive first look video.
The Gun Digest editors caught up with pro shooter Maggie Reese at the 2016 SHOT Show to learn about the Safariland Model 086 Shotgun Shell Holder. Watch the video for more.


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