Ruger-Made Marlin Model 336 Classic Lever-Action Rifle Now Available

Ruger-Made Marlin Model 336 Classic Lever-Action Rifle Now Available

The Marlin Model 336 Classic lever-action rifle in .30-30 Winchester is available once again, only now made by Ruger.

Ever since Ruger acquired Marlin, the company has been releasing updated versions of old Marlin lever-action rifle models. Until now, the focus has been on the .45-70 Gov’t models, but .30-30 Winchester is now on the table once again thanks to the recent release of the Marlin Model 336 Classic.


The new Marlin Model 336 Classic features a steel alloy receiver, a 20.25-inch cold hammer-forged barrel and a six-round magazine tube. All metal parts are richly blued, and the forend and stock are made of checkered American black walnut. Just like the original Marlin model, the new Ruger-made version features a gold trigger as well.


Other noteworthy features of the Model 336 include its adjustable semi-buckhorn sights, its standard-size lever loop and its soft rubber recoil pad. The rifle also has a push-button, cross-bolt manual safety, a polished bolt for smooth cycling and swing swivel studs on the forend and stock.


Ruger President and CEO Chris Killoy said this about the new lever-action:

The legendary Model 336 helped to build Marlin Firearms into the iconic American brand that it is today…We have worked for many months on every detail to ensure that Ruger’s reintroduction of this iconic rifle lives up to its stellar reputation…Our focus continues to be on quality…We remain committed to making firearms that are rugged, reliable and can proudly be handed down for many generations. The Model 336 is no exception.

Availability is currently limited but the Ruger-made Marlin Model 336 Classic is shipping now. MSRP is $1,239.

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