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FN America Releases TAC3 AR-Style Rifles

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Two new professional-grade AR-style rifles have just been released by FN America, the FN 15 TAC3 and TAC3 Duty, and they’re light, rugged and easily configurable.

FN America has just released two new modern sporting rifles, the FN 15 TAC3 and the TAC3 duty. Built tough for professional use and available in multiple setups, they come with several useful upgrades right out of the box and are ready to be configured to suit your exact needs.

FN 15 TAC3 Duty.

Chris Cole of FN America had this to say about the new rifles:

The modern sporting rifle category is the most popular segment of our market. It serves consumers looking for a rifle for shooting sports, hunting, home defense, and general use on the range…These customers, whether new to MSRs or experienced, now have access to a professional quality line of rifles with the FN 15 TAC3 and TAC3 Duty. If you're in the market for an MSR that is easily configurable to your needs, delivers superior accuracy, and is highly reliable, then the FN 15 TAC3 is for you.

FN 15 TAC3.

The TAC3 and TAC3 Duty have much in common, but there are differences as well. Both rifles feature a 16-inch government profile barrel, made of FN’s proprietary steel and chrome-lined for extra longevity. Both rifles also include high-quality MIL-SPEC bolt carrier groups and use mid-length gas systems with an H buffer for improved reliability. They also both include Radian ambidextrous charging handles and safety selectors.

The first difference between the TAC3 and TAC3 duty is the rail system. Both barrels are fully free-floated, but the standard TAC3 uses a Hodge Defense rail with anti-rotation technology for the most rigid lockup possible. The TAC3 Duty’s rail system prioritizes weight over rigidity, making it the rifle a half-pound lighter than the standard TAC3. Both models are available with a standard black finish, but the standard TAC3 can also be Cerakoted gray or FDE.

FN 15 TAC3 Gray Cerakote.

Both new rifles are no-frills, streamlined carbines ready for serious use. The TAC3 Duty has an MSRP of $1,599 and the TAC3 comes in at $1,729. Either would be a fine choice for someone in the market for a high-quality AR-style rifle.

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