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First Look: VooDoo Innovations Witch Doctor And Dark Moon

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VooDoo Innovation Witch Doctor
VooDoo Innovation Witch Doctor

VooDoo Innovations dives into complete rifles with the economical Witch Doctor and Dark Moon carbines.

Build your own AR or had to replace a part, most likely you’re familiar with VooDoo Innovations. A subsidiary of gunmaker Adams Arms, the brand has become best known for its aftermarket pistol barrels, pistol slides and top-shelf AR parts. Now, the company is endeavoring into new territory—guns proper.

Ominously named, the Witch Doctor and Dark Moon are priced not to scare even the thriftiest shooter away. In fact, with $750 MSRPs on both accounts, the carbines most certainly fit the definition of entry-level options accessible to the vast majority of the shooting world. At the same tick, the M4 pattern guns aren’t the stripped-down shooters many expect at this price point, offering a lot of bang for the buck.

“VooDoo Innovations grew out of a desire to improve upon existing platforms,” said VooDoo Innovations Vice President of Sales and Marketing Michael Halleron. “Having a history of manufacturing parts, we decided it is time to go back to the source and begin making firearms based on our knowledge of what it takes to deliver guns people want. This way we can ensure they run the way we expect, off the shelf, and at a price that makes sense. The Witch Doctor and The Dark Moon do just that.”

VooDoo Innovation Dark Moon

When it comes to desirable assets, VooDoo Innovations opting for free-float aluminum handguards is probably at the head of the line. Polymer drop-in types are common on budget ARs, and while more than functional don’t exactly milk the most out of the platform. On both counts, the VooDoo Innovations handguards have plenty of M-Lok real estate with slots at the 3-, 6- and 9-o’clock positions, though the models differ in how much Picatinny rail they offer up top. The Dark Moon is the full-rail model with a bit more flexibility for mounting optics, while the Witch Doctor has an ergonomic rail that facilitates a comfortable and controllable forward grip. From there, the 5.56 NATO carbines get awful similar.

The features the guns share include a 16-inch M4 barrel (1:7 twist), mil-spec trigger, M4 6-position buttstock, A2 flash hider. Additionally, the carbines are both built around forged aircraft-grade aluminum receivers and tip the scales at around 6 pounds. Pretty standard fare. Still and all, both VooDoo Innovation carbines are good-looking and if they perform most certainly present shooters with a solid value.

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