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Christensen Arms’ Ultralight CA9MM 9mm Carbine/Pistol

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Boasting Christensen Arms carbon-fiber wrapped barrel, the pistol-caliber carbine/pistol CA9MM lightens up the already nimble AR-15 configurations.

What The CA9MM Has To Offer:

Christensen Arms is no stranger to AR-style rifles. For years the cutting-edge Utah gunmaker has churned out top-shelf semi-auto rifles with a particular bent. Lightweight and accurate , what the company calls its Modern Sporting Rifle line were dialed in primarily as game getters. Especially its AR-10s, which Christensen Arms offered in several superb hunting calibers. Though, with the latest expansion of its MSR line, the gunmaker has more than shown its rifles aren't exclusively wed to putting meat on the table.

Much more home defense than hunter, the CA9MM is a marked break for Christensen Arms. In fact, the gun is the company’s first foray into pistol-caliber ARs. And its timing to break new ground couldn’t be better. Fueled by recent events, pistol-caliber ARs and carbines have only lagged behind handguns and pump-action shotguns in sales. Perhaps the one factor that might temper CA9MM going red hot right off the bat is a somewhat hefty price tag, with Christensen Arms putting $1,495 MSRP on the 9mm. Steep for the class of gun, but Christensen Arms isn’t offering just another off-the-rack PC AR.

For one, it comes outfitted with what the gunmaker is best known for—a lightweight and rugged carbon-fiber barrel. Available in both pistol and carbine configurations, the CA9MM comes with 16-, 10.5- and 7.5-inch barrel options. Regardless of particular design, the barrel does a number on the platform’s overall weight, in its smallest form tipping the scales at a scant 5.5 pounds. In all cases, it comes topped off with a three-prong flash hider, definitely welcome to knock down the shorter configurations’ muzzle flash.

Furthermore, Christensen Arms offers several other high-performance features on the straight-blowback operated gun, including aircraft-grade forged aluminum receivers, aluminum and carbon-aluminum hybrid handguards (3-, 6- and 9-o’clock M-Lok real estate), top Picatinny rail, QD mounts and black nitride finish bolt carrier group. The CA9MM is also equipped with a single-stage match trigger and comes with an MFT Battlelink Minimalist Stock in its carbine configuration and SB Tactical SBA3 brace as a pistol. Finally, the CA9MM is available either in black anodized or Cerakote finish of Tungsten and Burnt Bronze. And yes, the gun is compatible with Glock magazines.

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