Video: Drawing a Handgun in a Vehicle


When it comes to personal defense of any kind, there is always a need to expect the unexpected.

Danger never announces itself. In fact, it has the deadly tendency of catching people completely off guard. This even goes for those of us who concealed carry.

One such example is the topic of the National Shooting Sports Foundation video above – drawing a handgun in a vehicle. As Adam Painchaud of Sig Saur Academy shows, getting at a gun while in a car or truck isn’t rocket science, but does require some adjustments to do it properly.

As demonstrated by Painchaud, presenting a handgun in a vehicle really comes down to body manipulation. When the butt of the pistol is buried in a seat, a typical draw just isn’t going to cut it.

Painchaud also touches on some other salient concepts concerning concealed carry in a car. For those who spend a majority of time behind the wheel, the instructor even suggests a break from the typical holster configuration might be in order.

For such individuals, a holster easy to get at while seated – such as an ankle holster – might be just the ticket. Or the most logical move might be installing a special vehicle mount, such as the Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount.

No matter how someone who concealed carries decides to handle what can be a tight situation in a car, Pinchaud’s final advice is golden – practice. Doing so you’ll be ready to take the wheel when the rubber hits the road.

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