E.R. Shaw has jumped into the AR game, and the company’s ERS15 is a multi-purpose masterpiece.
The Savage B.Mag chambered in the screaming .17 WSM is a handy little rifle that's perfect for serious varmint slaying or plinking at the range.
There are a variety of methods or formulas for zeroing the AR, but this might be one of the simplest and most precise systems out there.
The new Remington Model 7 LS is a traditional-style rifle with iron sights and an elegant brown laminate hardwood stock that would make Jeff Cooper proud.
Mossberg & Sons is shooting at another platform in 3-Gun with the release of a rifle tailored for the competition.
Whether you’re a dedicated hunter looking for a dependable gun for the woods or the open prairie, a hardcore long-range shooter searching for something capable of ringing steel at 1,000 yards, or someone wanting a great new plinker for the range, there’s a firearm for you in this gallery of great new longs
SIG Sauer’s M400 Predator is a smooth-shooting carbine that’s well suited for hunting predators or for competitive shooting.
CMMG's new MkW-15 ANVIL offers plenty of firepower in a purpose-built AR-15 platform that has been designed to withstand the added stress of the .458 SOCOM.
Based on the VEPR AK, the Krebs Custom KV-13 is a fully modernized AK complete with Magpul furniture and the highest possible manufacturing quality available.


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