Gun Digest the Magazine recently received this message from Toby Bridges of the North American Muzzleloader Hunting Association. The link provides some very interesting information.

Click here to read a new comparison of the ballistics and maximum effective range of modern in-line ignition muzzleloaders vs. that of centerfire rifles and traditional flintlock and percussion muzzleloaders.

“As a hunter who has hunted with a muzzleloader since 1963, and who has evolved right along with muzzle-loaded hunting rifles and loads, I have gotten more than just a little tired of less-than-knowledgeable opponents who fight against expanded muzzleloader hunting opportunities,” Bridges wrote. “Especially when they wrongly claim that the performance of today’s in-line ignition rifles and loads are too much like that of a modern centerfire rifle when it comes to range and knockdown power to be allowed during a separate “muzzleloader-only” season.

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