Hatsan Introduces Whisper-Quiet Air Rifle

air rifle
Hatsan’s BT65

Hatsan has made a name for itself with hard-hitting, highly accurate air rifles.

The Turkish manufacturer has especially won high praises for its line of pre-charged pneumatic rifles, which can tear out a bull’s eye from 75-yards down range. Precise as these guns are, they have earned the unusual reputation of being noisy. But this is a problem the company has aimed to overcome.

Hatsan has introduced a new line of its popular PCP rifles outfitted with some extras that are certain to make them whisper quite without loosing their zip. The Quiet Energy Series are outfitted with full-length barrel shrouds that tapper into metal and plastic baffled suppressors. The result is an air rifle 32-percent quieter than its unmodified counterpart.

Certainly this gives shooters an advantage when picking off flighty game, such as crows or starlings. But the real benefit of Hatsan’s innovations goes to the backyard target shooter. With a barely audible report, the Quiet Energy Series avoids rising the ire of neighbors with sensitive hearing or ones who might not be keen about close-quarters marksmanship.

The QE modifications have been incorporated into Hatsan’s BT65 and AT44-10, giving shooters the choice of rifles that pushes high density lead pellets up to 1250 feet per second. The air guns also come tricked out with all the extras shooters have come to expect from Hatsan.

Both rifles have Quattro two-stage, adjustable match triggers and each are available in three calibers — .177, .22 and .25. Each rifle is outfitted with precision rifled steel barrels and come with adjustable synthetic stocks, easily modifying the length of pull and cheek rest. The guns also come with built-in pressure gauges, allowing shooters to keep an eye on when it’s time to recharge the air cylinder. The PCP rifles come with easily re-loadable magazines that hold 10 .177 or .22 pellets or nine .25, as well.

Hatsan has also outfitted its piston-charged Torpedo 150 for shooters who do not want the hassle of refilling air cylinders.

Air rifles have come a long way and from the clunky versions many cut their teeth on as little shavers. They are now precision instruments, but ones certain to bring the kid out in anyone who gets behind the trigger — whether it be in the field or in the backyard.

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