Remington R-25 in .243 Winchester.

When I was just a kid I remember my Uncle Jim – Dad’s younger brother – having a Class 3 firearms permit. He owned both a Colt M16A1 and an MP40 “Schmeisser” machine pistol. While the MP was interesting, especially to a 12-year-old, it was the M16 that attracted and held the lion’s share of my attention.

The fact he also owned a .22 rimfire upper receiver for the piece certainly helped; not only with the enjoyment factor, but more notably from a financial standpoint. It was a fun gun – nothing more, nothing less.

That was 35 years ago, and in the time between the Then and Now I haven’t so much as slipped a magazine into an AR-type rifle. This status changed recently, however, when I received Remington’s latest introduction – the Model R-25. Futuristic in appearance, the mottled green thing lay there in its hard case, ugly as a 1980 Chevrolet Citation.

I didn’t know whether to pick it up and fondle it, or poke it with a stick and hope for the best. Fortunately, and after the initial shock wore off, I resisted the urge to simply close the lid and wander away – and I’m glad I did, as I found what Big Green refers to as a “masterpiece of game-dropping performance that will load any camp’s meat pole with unrivaled efficiency” to be quite the shooter. Even if I do phrase it a little less dramatically.


  1. Having humped around Southwest Washington hunting and shooting elk, I must agree with you on the weight being a factor. Apart from the weight though, I think the R-25 would make a great flat-country hunting rifle. It’ s also indisputable that the R-25 would make a solid home defense rifle with fragnible ammunition. I own and have fired hundreds of rounds through AR-15s and even a Colt Commando M-16. In my experience, the AR is very accurate for a semi-auto and surprisingly reliable. Were I to be limited to one rifle, I believe the R-25 would be that rifle. Of course, both of us would have to go on a diet before going afield.

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