Browning Unveils Cynergy Classic Trap Unsingle Combo


The Cynergy Classic Trap Unsingle Combo is the latest addition to Browning’s line of high-performance trap shotguns. It’s designed to give trap-shooters one of the most advanced over-and-under designs for singles or doubles competition.

The Cynergy Classic Trap Unsingle Combo set includes an adjustable Unsingle Rib with a single barrel and over-and-under barrel set, all in an aluminum case. The Unsingle Rib can be fine tuned for sight-picture and point-of-impact adjustments.

The Cynergy’s Monolock hinge technology gives it the lowest-profile receiver in the industry, which helps control recoil. The hinge system pivots on significantly more surface area than other over-and-under shotguns with low-profile receivers.

The Cynergy Classic Trap Unsingle Combo has a gloss-finish Monte Carlo grade III/IV walnut stock with right-hand palm swell, adjustable comb and modified semi-beavertail forearm with finger grooves. It will be offered in several barrel combinations with HiViz Pro-Comp fiber-optic sights and four Invector Plus Midas Grade chokes tubes.

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