Plinker Arms Response Magazine
Plinker Arms Response Magazine

With some states legislating against the standard-capacity 30-round magazine of the modern sporting rifle, many shooters have found themselves in a fix.

The small-capacity 10-round magazine does not have the same look and, more importantly, feel of what is suppose to come from the factory.

Plinker Arms has come up with a solution for firearms enthusiasts trapped in this conundrum with the introduction of the Response Magazine. The magazine has the look and performance of a MIL-SPEC 30-round magazine, but complies with local laws, only holding 10 rounds.

The magazine is perfect for those shooters who have a rearward grip when shooting their AR and is constructed of the same durable material as Plinker Arms standard magazines. The Response is made of a highly durable, long-fiber polymer, resistant to magazine solvent and corrosion.

Shooters won’t have to break the bank putting a Response Magazine in their gun safe with the unit’s MSRP at $14.00.

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