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RCBS PressHandloading is fun but it takes a bit of equipment to make it easy.  There are some wonderful companies out there that put some real quality handloading equipment on the bench but in my opinion the best known and arguably the most reliable tools come from RCBS.

started handloading, as did many of my friends, with the old AmmoCrafter kit and a Rockchucker press.  This year, based on the popularity of their pistol bullet feeding kit, RCBS introduced two rifle versions, for .30 and .22 caliber.  The kits fit on most standard progressive presses and will increase your loading rate by 50% or more.

For the loader that is interested in laying down the .223 or 7.62 fodder this might just be what the doctor ordered.  There are so many RCBS products that make handloading easy that it would take a book to list them all, but thankfully the internet to the rescue, get on their site listed below and give them a look for all your handloading needs.

HORNADY is a name long associated with quality component bullets but they also make some darn good handloading dies, presses and accessories.  I have used many Hornady products over the years and have always found them to be top quality and easy to use.

I really like the auto charge powder measure, so simple that even I can use it with confidence and precise enough for the most persnickety handloader.  What a great piece of hardware; it makes us wonder how we ever got along with manual measuring!  Hornady is always working on something new for the shooter and handloader; these folks really care about our shooting success and it shows in their dedication to listening to what shooters say.  Now, if I could just get them to come out with a .25 rimfire load, the world would be perfect!

All of the great companies mentioned here can be found on the internet along with a host of others we don’t have space to mention.  Give these folks a look when you are in the market for handloading tools or components, you won’t be disappointed.  Tell them Walt sent you!

This article appeared in the Gun Digest the Magazine 2011 Shooters Guide.

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  1. Very good and positive article, but I am disappointed at the omission of Lee being mentioned for reloading equipment on page 3. I have been reloading for over 25 years and have tried every brand of product available. In my opinion, Lee’s dies are far superior to most others out there and their bullet molds and casting equipment is also as good or better than other brands costing 2-4 times as much money. Lee should have been given equal billing with the other equipment makers.


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