Video: Knife Sheath DIY Survival Kit

Video: Knife Sheath DIY Survival Kit

Those Altoid tin survival kits can be handy, but space restrictions mean carrying a more functional knife is out of the question. Is there a way to combine the best of the mini survival kits with the workhorse of a fixed blade knife?

Yes, as survival authority Jim Cobb shows in the video above. His knife sheath DIY survival kit strategy combines the portability of small kits with the utility of a knife.

This technique would work perfectly as an outdoor survival kit, a travel survival kit, emergency kits for cars, camping survival kits or even a fun project as survival kits for kids (with proper adult supervision, of course).

Putting Together a Knife Sheath DIY Survival Kit

Cobb first made a couple Altoid mini survival kits  before attaching a camera pouch to a large knife sheath. The tins slip nicely inside the camera pouch. Additional compartments in the pouch can hold a number of other helpful items.

Cobb points out these items in his knife sheath DIY survival kit:

Tinder tabs
LED light x2
Snare wire
Over-the-counter pain relief and caffeine tablets
Butane lighter
Signal whistle
Small folding knife x2
Button compass
Can opener
Magnesium fire striker
Water purification tablets
Signal mirror
Paracord (18 feet)

Knife Sheath DIY Survival Kit: Considerations

As Cobb mentions in the video, adding the DIY survival kit makes the sheath heavier to carry. It might be better to wear the sheath on a shoulder instead of on a belt.

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