Video: Coleslaw Miculek Style, with a .460 Magnum

Video: Coleslaw Miculek Style, with a .460 Magnum

In its short history the .460 Smith & Wesson Magnum has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the baddest handguns on the market. But exactly what does that mean? Well, Cartridges of the Word perhaps spells out the finer points of the .460's bad-ass credential the most succinctly:

Announced, in 2005, as a joint Hornady-Smith & Wesson development, the .460 Smith and Wesson (S&W) is the fastest revolver cartridge ever produced, reaching velocities of about 2200 fps with 200-grain bullets. It is chambered in the S&W M460 Extreme Velocity Revolver for long-range handgun hunting. Used by a skilled pistol shooter, the .460 S&W cartridge can achieve MOA accuracy at 100 yards.

A handgun throwing 200-grain bullets 2200 feet per second with MOA accuracy from 100 yards out, that sounds pretty wicked. But there is only one way to truly appreciate what the .460 has to offer in the way of power and sheer nastiness – shoot a red cabbage with it! Luckily enough, one of modern day's top shots has obliged us.
.460 Magnum
The above video of Jerry Miculek thumbing off a couple rounds in a Smith & Wesson Performance Center 12-inch .460 Magnum is pretty amazing on a couple of levels. The violence of the slug's impact is the most obvious aspect – it downright mistifies the cabbage. But what is also astounding is how casually Miculek handles the hand cannon. Really, he makes that monster look like a .38 with the ease in which he shoots it. Guess that's what a lifetime of daily shooting gets ya.

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