Reloading Ultimate Collection Offers Gateway to Rewarding Discipline

Reloading Ultimate Collection Offers Gateway to Rewarding Discipline
Reloading ammunition is rewarding on many levels, from practical to personal.
Reloading ammunition is rewarding on many levels, from practical to personal.
Reloading ammunition is rewarding on many levels, from practical to personal.

Similar to anything associated with shooting and firearms, there is no end to the gizmos and doodads that can be purchased for handloading.

From presses to micrometers to chamber gauges, a reloading bench can quickly overflow with instruments. But to be certain, there is one set of tools a reloader cannot be with out, whether novice or veteran – quality reloading manuals.

These scared tomes are what lay the foundation of a successful reloading operation. And, with time, helps a shooter move from just reloading ammunition to producing precision ordnance.

Gun Digest has made acquiring this vital knowledge much simpler with the introduction of the Reloading Ultimate Collection. The six-resource series is among the most comprehensive on the market, covering every angle of the rewarding discipline.

The series offers step-by-step instruction to handloading, exploring every conceivable topic. These lively and authoritative manuals walk you from the basics, such as purchasing you first press, to more advance concepts, like swaging your own bullets.

The series also boasts some of the top names in the world of firearms and reloading. Some of the authors include professional ballistician Philip Massaro, renowned gun writer Patrick Sweeney and many others.

The series includes the following resources: The ABCs of Reloading, Reloading for Handgunners, Reloading for Shotgunners, Handbook of Reloading Basics, How to Reload Ammo with Philip Massaro, Gun Digest Shooter's Guide to Reloading.

A little time with this collection and it is easy to see how it will quickly reward a shooter.

First off, there are the practical aspects that shooters enjoy in reloading their own ammunition. In this regard, there are two chief advantages – more accurate ammunition and saving money.

On the former point, there is perhaps no quicker way to bring a firearm’s full potential out than by feeding it ammunition tailored to its idiosyncrasies. The latter point, however, is a bit debatable.

Sure, broken down to its components, reloading is cheaper. But as Sweeney points out in Reloading for Handgunners, this savings quickly evaporates with how much more shooting you’ll likely do once you start handloading.

Reloading ammunition also offers more than just applied rewards.

There is a certain level of gratification only known to those who have won a shooting match or harvested a trophy buck with ammunition they handloaded themselves.

Almost every shooter will gain a deeper appreciation of their passion by reloading. And every reloader will build a more solid knowledge base through the Reloading Ultimate Collection.


Reloading Ultimate Collection

Whether you choose to reload because it's a more cost-effective alternative, or you're interested in creating custom ammunition, it's important to know what you're doing. Done incorrectly, handloading can be risky, but with the appropriate tools, equipment, and techniques, it can be a more than viable alternative to purchasing manufactured ammunition. With the Reloading Ultimate Collection, discover the best practices for reloading ammo for rifles, handguns, and shotguns.


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