PowerPot Review: A Portable Generator That Runs on Water

PowerPot Review: A Portable Generator That Runs on Water

PowerPot Review: The Cons

None of the PowerPot cons are bad enough to make this product not worth the money. But there are some that are worth noting anyway.

The PowerPot can't be ran through the dishwasher. I know that's not a big deal for most prepared folks, including me, but it should be mentioned.

In the words of the instructions, “the bottom of the PowerPot becomes much hotter than a typical cooking pot during operation.” This isn't a product for kids or butterfingers.

It's not a large item, which is both good and bad. It's built for portability, so rely on something else if a large amount of water or food is needed.

Finally, there's an inherent risk any time electricity, heat and water are put into close quarters. I wouldn't rate that as a high risk, but it's worth considering.

PowerPot Review: The Verdict

PowerPot Lithium Battery Portable Generator copy
Get a free rechargeable lithium battery ($25) designed for the PowerPot when you order through Living Ready Store.

The PowerPot floored Living Ready staff, and it couldn't be recommended higher. It should be a required item for any emergency kit, from rural to urban. I even personally have one.

In fact, staff liked it so much that the PowerPot was added to the Living Ready Store. To kick things off, you can get a rechargeable lithium battery when you order the PowerPot through Living Ready Store.

This limited time, special arrangement is even cooler because the lithium battery is specifically designed to be charged using the PowerPot. The battery can then be used to charge the same gadgets that the PowerPot can.

Click here to get the PowerPot from Living Ready Store. Post a comment here after you see it in action for yourself.


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