Photo Gallery: 20 Eye-Popping Custom Guns

Photo Gallery: 20 Eye-Popping Custom Guns

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Modern Custom Guns, 2nd EditionThis photo gallery is an excerpt from Tom Turpin's Modern Custom Guns, 2nd Edition, and features just a sliver of the great custom gun content you'll find in the full-color book. Click Here to snag your copy!



  1. So nice to see guns the way they used to be made. Compare this to the plasticky, stamped sheet metal and el-cheapo cast iron guns being made today.

  2. I must admit that 1911 is sweet. Most of this stuff is pretty ridiculous though, who would do all that to a hunting rifle? I wouldn’t want to take something like that out in the field. And if you’re not planning on using them, then what’s the point at all? Form follows function.


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