Video: 10 Big-Bore Handgun Clips that will Make Your Day

Video: 10 Big-Bore Handgun Clips that will Make Your Day

Big-bore handguns aren’t for the faint of heart or the weak of wrist. The guns push the limits of what can be fired away from the shoulder. And they have become the objects of affection for hunters and target shooters alike. What is a big-bore? Well, it is a relative term. Max Prasac, author of Big-Bore Revolvers draws the line at the .41 Magnum. For this montage we're going a bit bigger — .44 Magnum and up. So enjoy your stroll through the wonderful world of big-bore handguns and take a gander at 10 of these hand cannons in action.

Editor's note: The heavy lifting concerning the history and specifications of these big-bore cartridges was done by Frank C. Barnes and Richard Mann in Cartridges of the World.

.454 Casull

The .454 Casull, originally called the .454 Magnum Revolver, was developed by Dick Casull and Jack Fulmer in 1957. In essence, it is a larger .45 Colt and was designed primarily for hunting. As noted in Cartridges of the World, “Anyone who contemplates hunting dangerous game with a handgun should seriously consider the .454 Casull…” It also does a number on soda pop.



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