Barnes Bullets Expanding AAC Blackout Lines

Barnes Bullets Expanding AAC Blackout Lines


A heavier hitting round, with smoother feeding on an AR platform and superior performance with a suppressor — the .300 AAC Blackout came about in an effort to meet a slew of tactical demands. But it has not taken long for the round to break free from its military and law-enforcement roots.

The AAC Blackout has become all the rage with the general shooting public, who have been quick to grasp the upside of the relatively new .30-caliber round. The popularity of the AAC Blackout even has some manufacturers upping their game to keep up with shooters' demand.

Barnes Bullets announced it is expanding two of its lines to include heavier .300 AAC Blackout options. The company is launching a 120-grain bullet in both its TAC-TX and its VOR-TX Ammunition and component lines, offering tactical and hunting options in the popular bullet.

Before, one of the nation's leading lead-free bullet manufacturers only offered an 110-grain bullet in the .300 AAC Blackout. The new products will be made available in February 2014.

Features of the 120 grain TAC-TX include a specially designed profile that ensures flawless magazine-length loading in AR rifles, a boattail base to increase the ballistic coefficient and the proven solid-copper construction. The copper rounds were pioneered by Barnes and ensures consistent terminal performance through barriers and thick skinned game – making it an excellent choice for big game hunting as well as defense initiatives.

To be sure, hogs and whitetail deer have plenty to be worried about with Barnes' latest release.

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