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WCP320c: Wilson Combat’s Enhanced Sig P320

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Tuned like the fine instrument it is, the gassed up WCP320c takes the Sig striker fire and makes it an out and out fighting 9mm.

How Wilson Combat Improves The P320:

Sig Sauer is no slouch at turning out an optimized pistol with all the bells and whistles. Take a gander at its Legion line, some of the company’s all-time favorites upgraded and tuned to near perfection with the looks to match. So, it’s safe to say the gunmaker knows what it’s doing when it comes to turning out a smoking heater.That said, Sig isn’t afraid to team up with some of the best to bring out even more in their guns.

Enter Wilson Combat.

Earlier this year, the firearms giant and iconic custom-gun concern partnered to produce a gassed up iteration of Sig’s popular modular striker-fired—the P320. What was dubbed the WCP320, Wilson Combat put the finishing touches on the pistol to make it an out-and-out fighting 9mm—and an eye-catcher to boot. Now the tandem is up to it again, recently releasing the second model of the pistol, this one optimized for on-person carry.

The WCP320 Carry (WCP320c) offers the same custom features of the original full-sized model, but has been trimmed down a hair to make it more manageable to conceal. In particular, the companies have trimmed the barrel length down to 3.9 inches from the full-sized pistol’s 4.7 inches, in the process lightened the gun's overall weight by 2.4 ounces. The WCP320c tips the scales at 26.8 ounces unloaded, respectable in a pistol with ample frame, grip and 17+1 capacity with a flush-fit magazine. From there, the models are fairly similar.

Both the WCP320 and WCP320c begin with Wilson Combat’s full-sized P320 grip. A unique design (compatible with any P320 pistol) the polymer component includes a number of enhancements to improve the pistol's performance. These include a high-cut, 1911-style beavertail tang to ensure a smooth draw, undercut front strap and a radiused trigger guard to facilitate the highest possible grip and enlarged magwell mouth to pick up the pace on reloads. Furthermore, the system includes grip slots for tungsten weights to perfectly tailor your pistol’s balance and soak up some recoil in the process. Naturally, the grip pattern is Wilson Combat’s Starburst, which is supported with aggressive texturing on the front and back straps. Then there are the rails, a 3-slot configuration that supports any reasonable accessory you want to slap on a pistol.

Set Your Sights On More Handguns:

Wilson Combat does a number to the WCP320 slide, starting with unfinished Sig units. To this, the custom shop adds its X-TAC diamond pattern cocking serrations fore and aft, as well as to the top. Fast manipulation, particularly under stress, is their main job, but the work up top also cuts glare in the sight picture. In addition to machining off all the slides snag points and applying an advanced diamond-like finish, Wilson Combat also slaps on its own Battlesights, which includes a high-visibility red fiber-optic pipe in the front sight.

A slicked up trigger, yeah that’s in the WCP320c package too. Standard on the pistol is Sig’s XFULL trigger, with a flat-faced shoe that positions your finger lower, thus increases leverage. This adds up to a lighter and generally smoother pull. Though, a curved shoe is available if that’s your preference. Moving beyond this costs a bit extra. Shell out an extra $155 over the base price and Wilson Combat’s gunsmiths will action tune the trigger with custom parts from Grayguns.

All in all, it’s a neat package that goes above and beyond an off-the-shelf P320. It does run Wilson Combat prices, however. The MSRP of the WCP320c starts at $1,195 and goes up with the extras. Conceivably, you could cobble together some similar with the aid of your local gunsmith. Unlikely you’ll do it for a price south of what Wilson Combat and Sig are offering.

Sig/Wilson Combat P320 Carry Specs:
Available Calibers: 9mm
Magazine Capacity: 17 Rounds
Barrel Length: 3.9”
Overall Length: 7.5”
Sight Radius: 5.75”
Height: 5.5”
Width: 1.5”
Weight Empty: 26.8 oz
Weight Loaded: 34.2 oz

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