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Savage Arms Announces 1911 Government Model Pistols

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Savage Arms is continuing its expansion into the handgun market, this time with the introduction of Savage 1911 Government Model pistols.

Savage Arms released its first handgun in over 100 years in 2021 with the introduction of the Stance pistol, but the company is now expanding its catalog to include Savage 1911 Government Model pistols as well. There are 12 different model variations to choose from, with half chambered for .45 ACP and half chambered for 9mm.

Of the 12 Savage 1911 models, all feature a 5-inch machined stainless steel barrel with an 11-degree target crown. Externally, the pistols appear to be mostly traditional 1911s with forged stainless steel frames and slides, but Savage implemented a few nontraditional performance upgrades as well. Internally, Savage 1911s feature dual recoil springs and fully machined sears and hammers. The ejection ports have been lowered and flared, and the firing pins are titanium with a nitride finish. All models will feature an ambidextrous safety, VZ G10 grips and Novak rear sights, and the rail and two-tone models will also include a tritium front sight.

Speaking of the different models, this is how the Savage 1911 options break down. They can be ordered with any combination of finish, caliber and frame style, coming to a total of 12 models to choose from. Caliber options include 9mm and .45 ACP, finish options include black nitride, stainless and two-tone, and frame styles include rail or no rail. The .45 ACP models ship with two 8-round magazines and the 9mm models ship with two 10-round mags.

All 12 new Savage 1911 models are available now and MSRPs range from $1,350 to $1,500 depending on options.

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