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Glock 43X And 48 MOS Offer Optic-Ready Carry


Still as slim and easy to carry, the Glock 43X MOS and Glock 48 MOS offer optics-ready options in the Slimline series.

Two trends dominate new handgun releases: ultra-slim 9mm pistols and optics ready-slides. Glock marries these two elements with the release of Modular Optic System (MOS) models of its easy-to-carry Slimline series.

The Glock 43X MOS and Glock 48 MOS feature factory-milled slides, which make the addition of a micro reflex site a snap. Though, don’t expect the pistols to play nice with every red-dot on the market. Given the guns’ whisper-thin widths, the slide cut is only compatible with specific micro-reflex optics, including Shield RMSc and JP Enterprises’ JPoint. In addition to this, the Glock 43X MOS and Glock 48 MOS also have non-standard accessory rails, meaning not every weapon light can attach to the pistols. Points to remain conscious of when accessory shopping for the guns.

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Despite these idiosyncratic features, the pistols still retain all the features that made them a hit when they were released in 2019. First and foremost among these is an excellent compromise between an easy-to-carry defensive pistol and capacity. Both the Glock 43X MOS and Glock 48 MOS hold 10 rounds, but come in packages weighing in at less than 20 ounces and both 1.1 inches in width. The difference between the pistols is the G48 has a 4.17-inch barrel compared to the G43X’s 3.41. On top of ample capacity and unimposing dimensions, the G43X and G48 MOS incorporate Glock’s Gen5 technologies, including reversible magazine catch, the company’s match-grade Marksman Barrel and nDlC finish.

“Engineered with the Glock perfection promise, the two new models are the first Slimline pistols to offer a MOS option and are ideal for shooters everywhere,” said Shelby Lasater, Glock, Inc., Director of Marketing. “The versatility of the Slimline MOS models give them the adaptability and ease of use for concealed carry, target shooting, law enforcement, and competition which make them a new favorite.”

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