Video: Shooting with Both Eyes Open

Video: Shooting with Both Eyes Open

Shooting with both eyes open is an underappreciated skill, one of which it is easy to turn, well, a blind eye.

When it comes to basic target shooting, whether thumbing off rounds with a pistol or rifle, it really doesn’t matter if one or both eyes are open. The name of the game is placing the bullet in the X-ring by whatever means necessary. But move into the real world and it’s a whole different game.

Applied shooting – tactical, self-defense or hunting – happens in a dynamic environment. The shooter, the target or both might be moving. There could be action to the periphery of a shooter of which they need to take account. There is even the potential for more than one target spread over a wide geographic area. In turn, a full-field of view can be the the make-or-break element to a successful engagement.

The above video by Sootch00 touches upon these and other reasons why it's important to shoot with both eyes open. But more importantly, the video goes over a number fundamental concepts and drills that help shooters keep both peepers open and in the game.

While the video is full of useful tidbits, perhaps one of the most vital areas it touches upon is determining the dominant eye. Really, this is a relatively simple task, one that goes a long way in being able to shoot with both eyes open. But, unfortunately, it is also process that flies under many shooters' radar.

Watch the entire video. For the lack of a better way to put it, it's eye opening.


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  1. OK…I am left-handed, but right eye dominant. I was taught in the military to shoot both pistols and rifles right-handed. I’m an OK marksman but never excellent. How would you suggest I train to learn keeping both eyes open to shoot? At age 49 it might be a little late to start changing hands for pistols and I certainly don’t want to replace all my rifles with left handed gear.


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