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SHOT Show 2023 Day 2: Beretta 80X Cheetah

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At SHOT Show 2023 Beretta unveiled the return of its classic .380 ACP pistol line, only this time modernized for the 21st century and called the 80X Cheetah.

At one point in time, Beretta’s .380 ACP Model 84 Cheetah filled an important niche in the concealed carry market. There simply weren’t many other compact double-stack pistols that packed 13 rounds into such a small package. Today, the carry pistol market is dominated by micro 9s which have similar capacities, smaller profiles and are chambered for the more powerful 9x19mm Luger. Why, then, would Beretta bring back a once-discontinued pistol in a caliber that’s mostly been usurped? Because the company made it better than ever before, and because the Cheetah is too cool to be abandoned.

Firstly, while .380 ACP may not be as powerful as 9x19mm, it’s still plenty lethal and produces more manageable recoil. There is certainly a market that will find this attribute appealing. Besides that, the new 80X Cheetah has several other updates that should make it a joy to both shoot and carry.

While it no longer has the same sleek, sexy lines or bluing of its older Model 84 counterpart, the 80X Cheetah has been transformed into a true modern carry pistol fit for the 21st century. New features include an optics-ready slide, an adjustable X-treme S Trigger and a Vertec grip with a redesigned shape and angle. It also now sports a Picatinny rail for accessories and a new frame-mounted safety/decocker.

While handling the Beretta 80X Cheetah on the show floor the trigger and action both felt great, and the overall package felt extremely well-engineered and manufactured. MSRP is $799 and it is available now.

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