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.380 Vs 9mm: Reasons To Consider The Small ‘Nine’

Yes, there is still a .380 vs 9mm debate and some very good reasons to still consider the smaller option to keep you covered.
In a competition, you must play by the rules or lose. In a fight, there are no rules, and the winner is often the person who has the proper mindset and exercises the best tactics.

Competition Shooting Vs Defensive Training

Competition Shooting and defensive training may seem similar. However, winning a shooting match and a real-world gunfight are not—and never will be—the same thing.
1911 triggers come in short, medium or long. The medium trigger on the R1 UltraLight Executive seems to fit the hands of many shooters.

Self Defense: When A Trigger Upgrade Becomes A “Hair Trigger”

Is a trigger upgrade on you self-defense handgun worth it? Not when politically motivated prosecutors are likely to twist it into the mythical "hair trigger".

Top Affordable .38 Special Revolver Options To Protect Your Six

Go small and reliable with these excellent snub-nose .38 Special Revolver options.

Concealed Carry: Point Shooting Vs Aimed Fire

Ineffective and potentially dangerous, point shooting should be avoided at all costs and aimed fire employed in any lethal-force scenario.
380 Pistol Sig

Top .380 Pistol Options For Deep Carry (2020)

With improvements in defensive ammunition, the .380 pistol has surged in popularity? What are the top picks in the small and concealable option?
Rock Island Tac 3

Always Enough Ammo: Rock Island TAC Series 1911 Pistols

Grazing off hi-cap Para magazines, the 9mm Rock Island TAC series keeps plenty on tap for anyting that goes bump in the night.
New Guns Dan Wesson DWX

Top New Guns Of 2020 For Any Tastes

Gun Digest's veteran writer Richard Mann makes his picks for the top new guns of 2020--rifle, shotgun, rimfire, pistol and revolver. See if you agree.
Sig Concealed Carry Optimized P938 SAS

Snag-Free Carry With The Sig Sauer P938 SAS

Sporting unorthodox integral sights and radically de-horned, the Sig P938 SAS promises to eliminate all potential snags on a draw.
Whether you slapped at the trigger or achieved textbook trigger-pull perfection, the X10 will let you know precisely how you performed.

Mantis X10 Elite: Training Speed And Accuracy

With tools to improve recoil management, the Mantis X10 Elite gets you on target again and again ... fast.
Regardless of where you choose to conceal your handgun, reholstering is the action that causes most accidental discharges. Be diligent in your movements, and remember that there’s never a need to hurry while returning your handgun to its holster.

Taking It In The Crotch, Is Appendix Carry For You?

Appendix carry is often maligned. In truth, its comfortable and offers quick access to a gun no matter what position you're in.
It’s important to practice the reload with a handgun or long gun. This can easily be done during dry practice—just make sure you use dummy rounds.

Dry Fire Training To Improve Defensive Handgun Skills

Lack of rang time is no excuse for gather rust. Here's the dry fire training that will keep your defensive handgun skills sharp as a tack.
This revolver is meant for up-close-and-personal work. The author shot the target on the left at 7 yards in offhand double-action mode and the right-hand target in single-action mode. It’s surprisingly easy to shoot, and the trigger pull is outstanding.

Is The .44 Magnum A Wise Choice For Concealed Carry?

You heard that right ... an on-person defensive .44 Magnum. Crazy as it might sound, there are good reasons to carry a compact hand cannon.
The Crimson Trace CWL-300 is a fantastic flashlight for everyday carry. It weighs only 2.3 ounces and has a tail switch and a dual output of 50 or 200 lumens.

Concealed Carry: The Always Vital Flashlight

No matter how cool, wicked or expensive your defensive handgun is, it’s worthless if you can’t see what you need to shoot at. Thus lies the importance of a quality gun light or flashlight.
Zev Technologies

First Look: Zev Technologies Gassed Up Sig Pistols And Upgrades

Known for its top-shelf Glocks, Zev Technologies has turned its attention to Sig Sauer with two complete pistols and a load of upgrades.
Mossberg MC2c 6

Mossberg MC2c: Ergonomics, Reliability And Accuracy

The whole package, the Mossberg MC2c delivers the reliability, accuracy and comfort you want in a concealed carry pistol ... and the capacity.



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