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Congress Trying To Implement The Medical Records Gun Ban

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Congress is moving closer to a showdown over the largest expansion of government in modern U.S. history — a bill which would require virtually every single American to buy government-approved health insurance, whether they wanted it or not.  And, in the process, that bill would feed all of your most confidential medical data into an enormous database, which could be used to take away your guns.

This is a bit complicated.  But here's where we are:

Once a year, the 1974 Budget Act allows Congress to pass a bill — solely for the purpose of balancing the budget — and that bill cannot be filibustered in the Senate.  Hence, it can be passed with only fifty Democrat votes (plus the vice president), without any Republican support.

Now, that supposed “budget-balancing bill” is called the “reconciliation bill” — and it can only be created if the annual budget resolution mandates it.

Three weeks ago, the Senate considered its version of the annual budget resolution.  Gun Owners of America asked you to oppose passage of the Senate version of the budget resolution for two reasons:

* First, although the Senate version of the bill did  not contain language mandating the giant anti-gun  database and the huge $10,000+ per person government  health mandate, the Pelosi-devised House version did. Read more

Source: Gun Owners of America

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