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U.S. Stymied as Guns Flow to Mexican Cartels

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Source: New York Times

HOUSTON — John Phillip Hernandez, a 24-year-old unemployed machinist who lived with his parents, walked into a giant sporting goods store here in July 2006, and plunked $2,600 in cash on a glass display counter. A few minutes later, Mr. Hernandez walked out with three military-style rifles.

One of those rifles was recovered seven months later in Acapulco, Mexico, where it had been used by drug cartel gunmen to attack the offices of the Guerrero State attorney general, court documents say. Four police officers and three secretaries were killed.

Although Mr. Hernandez was arrested last year as part of a gun-smuggling ring, most of the 22 others in the ring are still at large. Before their operation was discovered, the smugglers had transported what court documents described as at least 339 high-powered weapons to Mexico over a year and a half, federal agents said. Read More

Source: New York Times

Editor's Note: This story espouses the much-touted “90 Percent” number of guns allegedly entering Mexico from the U.S. This statistic has been widely refuted; we include this story and an excerpt to its source at the New York Times to demonstrate some media's reckless abandonment of facts in reporting.

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