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First Look: SAR9 Compact X

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SAR USA has just announced the SAR9 Compact X, a new compact 9mm CCW pistol for the U.S. market.

SAR USA imports SARSILMAZ firearms out of Turkey, and many of the company’s pistols and shotguns have been very popular on the U.S. market for the past several years. One of those pistol series is the SAR 9, and a new model has just been added to the lineup with the announcement of the SAR9 Compact X.

There has been a compact variant of the SAR9 on the market since 2021 but the new Compact X model has several extra features and options, and it comes with a lot more in the box than the standard version. Like the older model, the SAR9 Compact X is a polymer-framed, striker-fired 9mm with a 4-inch barrel and a 15-round magazine capacity. It has the same two safety mechanisms (trigger and manual thumb) and includes interchangeable backstraps and grip panels as well.

The new features of the SAR9 Compact X include lightning cuts on the front of the slide and several different color options for the Cerakote finish. Much of what differentiates the new “X” model from the standard variant is what’s included in the box, as the Compact X is aiming to be a complete carry package. Besides the two 15-round mags included, each pistol also comes with a holster, flashlight for the accessory rail, magazine pouch and a mag loader, all packed into a carrying case. The press release also mentioned the Compact X including an optics-ready slide, but this is not supported by other available information. If true, it would be a much-appreciated extra feature. MSRP for the whole package is $632.

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