Winchester XPR Set to Expand Company’s Bolt-Action Rifle Catalog

Winchester XPR Set to Expand Company’s Bolt-Action Rifle Catalog

Anybody keeping an eye on the happenings within the world of bolt-action rifles knows what has dominated the market in recent years – value-priced models. Winchester appears set to be the next manufacturer with just such an offering.

There is scant information on the Utah-based company's new XPR – only a product page and internet scuttlebutt. The firearm is set to be released January 2015, so more will be known then – this includes price. But from Winchester's initial media blitz, the firearm appears to have some attractive features.

One that jumps right out is the recessed crown on the muzzle, which is a nice addition certain to help the rifle's accuracy.

A few other features of the Winchester XPR include: the company's MOA adjustable trigger, free-floating chrom-moly barrel, chrom-moly receiver milled from bar stock, a detachable magazine, a two-position safety and a three-lug bolt (with a 60-degree lift). The one thing that might irk some, the bolt does not include the oversized claw extractor that is found on Winchester Model 70s.


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