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Video: Staying Prepared With the “1 Mo” Drill

Special Mission Unit Sargent Major Jamey Caldwell demonstrates his “1 Mo” Drill, honing situational awareness and post-shooting preparedness.

Practice like you play. Familiar to anyone who’s swung a baseball bat or strapped up a football helmet, the words are as familiar as two-a-days. Simply put, you’ll perform on Saturday the way you prepared the days proceeding. By no means is self-defense a game, but the old saw about practice holds as true for the armed citizen as it does any athlete.

Accuracy, presentation, even manipulation are somewhat easy skills to hone. But what about mindset? Jamey Caldwell has at least one piece of the puzzle squared away in a modification of dot torture, what he calls his “1 Mo” drill. Essentially, the former Sargent Major in the Army’s Special Mission Unit’s regimen squares away continues situational awareness after the shooting is done. The “Mo” is one more sight picture and magazine change.

The idea is a four dot, timed course of fire, anywhere from 3 to 10 yards out, punctuating the competition of some dots with a mag change and everyone with one final sight picture. Sight picture is the big deal here. While seemingly small, presenting the gun and building the sight picture one final time forces shooters not to get complacent in the face of a threat—even one they’ve made hits on. In most drills, the shooter will either retreat to high ready and scan or outright hang up their iron.
Realistically, that’s not being at your most prepared.

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