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Video: Sig Sauer’s Elite Legion Series Pistol Line

Enhanced for professional duty, the Legion Series takes the best pistols SIG has to offer and makes them better.

Among the most familiar names in firearms, SIG Sauer has produced its share of true classics. Whether you’re talking about the battle-tough P229 or the bullseye battering P210, the gunmaker has rolled out pistols renowned for their ability to excel under the direst circumstances. What might have flown under your radar are the premium editions of the company’s legends rolled out in recent years.

It might not sound possible, but the SIG Legion Series takes the best the gunmaker has and makes them better. That’s saying a lot, given how these pistols performed in the first place. But, with some truly practical upgrades, the Legion Series is made to take the worst the world can throw at them and give it back twice as hard.

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SIG’s picked their top pistols – both full-sized and compact variations – to make up the line of guns. Real tooth chippers, including the P938, P229, P226 and P220. Good choices one and all, but how exactly are they different from the standard models? Let’s take a look at what exactly makes the guns of the Legion Series absolute gems:

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