Video: Double-Barreled 1911s Sling Lead Quick

Video: Double-Barreled 1911s Sling Lead Quick

Been hankering for something unwieldy, impractical and awesome, then Jerry Miculek has the pistol for you – the Arsenal AF2011 Dueller. Quite simply put, the handgun is a double-barreled 1911 or a Miculek dubs it in the above video, “The original doublestack.” The gun world is blessed the Italian company created the Dueller, if for no other reason than to watch two .45 ACP bullets race each other in slow motion, as in the video. The pistol (also available in .38 Super Auto) appears to be well manufactured and has some interesting aspects to it. One pointed out in the video is its triggers; the Dueller has two triggers – each capable of firing the pistol. As for it purpose, well it seem to throw a lot of lead down range – in Miculek's case, 20 rounds in less than two seconds. That's got to count for something, right? As for inside the waistband carry, well the jury is still out.


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