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Faxon Firearms FX7 action feature

Building A Precision Rifle With Faxon’s FX7 Action

The author discusses Faxon Firearms' new 700-footprint FX7 action and uses one to build a precision rifle.
Double Barrel Shotgun Lead

Best Double-Barrel Shotgun: Affordable Double Edition (2024)

Economical over/unders and side-by-sides ... might as well ask for bargain diamonds. Except for these nine affordable double-barrel shotguns that definitely buck the trend.
Marlin 1895 Dark Series review feature

Back In Black: Marlin 1895 Dark Series Review

The author tests out the Marlin 1895 Dark Series, a .45-70 Gov’t lever-action with a tactical twist.
Trailblazer Pivot review feature

Trailblazer Pivot Review: One Swinging PCC

The author reviews the Trailblazer Pivot, a space-age 9mm PCC with a trick up its sleeve.
Kimber Aegis Vs Springfield Ronin review feature

Compact 1911 Review: Kimber Aegis Elite Ultra Vs. Springfield Armory Ronin

The author pits the Kimber Aegis Elite Ultra against the Springfield Armory Ronin to find the superior 3-inch 1911.

Stoeger Double Defense Review: Modern-Day Coach Gun

The author reviews the Stoeger Double Defense, a double-barrel shotgun that puts a 21st-century spin on the coach gun concept.

The Best Budget Rifle And Scope Combos

A buyer’s guide for the best budget bolt-action rifle and scope combos currently on the market.

The Anschütz 141: A Less-Considered Classic

The Anschütz 141 has upheld a steadfast reputation and a commitment to incredible precision.

Gems Of The Mediterranean

A look at some of the best firearms hardware this sun-soaked corner of the world has to offer.

PSA Dagger Review: Does The Full-Size S Cut It In The Nightstand?

The author hits the range with a customized full-size PSA Dagger to see how it fares as a home defense pistol.

Kimber KDS9C Review: A Modernized 1911

The author hits the range with the Kimber KDS9C, a modern take on the classic 1911.

Review: Springfield Prodigy DS Full-Size & Commander

The author reviews Springfield Armory’s 2011-style handgun line, including both the Springfield Prodigy 4.25-inch and the 5-inch model.

Testing The Henry Model X In .360 Buckhammer

A review of the new .360 Buckhammer chambering and the Henry Model X lever-action rifle.

The 8-Gauge Shotgun: Forgotten Fowler

While the 8-gauge shotgun is obsolete and illegal for hunting, it still serves a purpose today.

On The Range With The Marlin 1894 Classic

The author reviews the reintroduced Marlin 1894 Classic, the return of a lever-gun legend.