TriStar Releases New Youth 20-Gauge Shotgun

TriStar Arms new Raptor Youth 20-gauge, semi-automatic shotgun. This model boasts Muddy Girl camouflage.
TriStar Arms new Raptor Youth 20-gauge, semi-automatic shotgun. This model boasts Muddy Girl camouflage.

TriStar has expanded its Raptor line with a new youth shotgun, a 20-gauge just right for new shooters to cut their teeth.

It’s been a busy year for TriStar Arms, when it comes to its Raptor shotguns. Every time you turn around, it seems like there is a new model being added to the line.

The impressive growth of the Turkish-made semi-automatic shotguns suggests the firearms are making inroads with smoothbore fans. And TriStar is not resting on its laurels, with its most recent Raptor model tailored for the newest shooters.

The Missouri-based importer recently released a youth model of the Raptor, giving newbies what appears to be a solid gun of which to cut their teeth.

The Raptor Youth has a number of features that lends it to beginning shooters, but perhaps the most important is its bore. The shotgun is a 20-gauge, a sensible bore to learn on, given it has less recoil than the ever-popular 12-gauge.

Learning to deal with recoil is something every shooter runs up again. But the lighter kicking 20-gauge makes it less likely a youth will become intimidated when being introduced to shooting sports.

The gauge also keeps the gun a practical choice. While not ideal for shooting clays or some game, there are few tasks a 20 bore can’t tackle. TriStar has further expanded the shotgun’s usefulness by adding a 3-inch chamber, allowing shooters to use both light and heavy loads.

The Raptor Youth has a cool factor to it, as well. The 20-gauge is available with Muddy Girl camouflage and a version featuring the Vista Next Micro Print pattern.

The Raptor Youth boasts a 24-inch barrel that is outfitted with an intuitive sighting system. The shotgun has a matted sight plane, with a fiber-optic sight, making drawing a bead a snap.

The smooth bore is a gas-operated semi-automatic with a five-round magazine. And it has a chrome-lined chamber to ensure a long life and smooth feeding.

The gun is designed to be manageable in the field, weighing in at 6.1 pounds. It also comes with a number of accessories, including: three choke tubes (IC, M, F), shot plug and barrel swivel studs.

The gun is also priced right to get young shooters behind the trigger. The MSRP of Raptor Youth camouflage is $489.00 while the 20-gauge Raptor Youth Muddy Girl pattern is $459.00.

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