Thompson/Center Arms Pricing & Reference


Download Thompson/Center Pricing & ReferenceAre You in the Market for a Thompson/Center Firearm?

Know what your Thompson/Center firearms are worth with this up-to-date 24-page .PDF download from the Standard Catalog of Firearms.

* Completely updated pricing for Thompson/Center firearms with new entries and photos

* Sleeper Alerts: Collectible guns that are outpacing the market
* Links to manufacturers’ website

Download gun values nowLearn pricing and values for these Thompson/Center firearms:

Thompson/Center 10” Octagon Barrel Model  
Thompson/Center 10” Bull Barrel Model  
Thompson/Center 10” Vent Rib Model   
Thompson/Center Super 14” Model   
Thompson/Center Super 14” Vent Rib Model  
Thompson/Center Super 16” Model   
Thompson/Center Super 16” Vent Rib Model  
Thompson/Center Contender Hunter Model  
Thompson/Center G2 Contender   
Thompson/Center G2 Contender Rifle   
Thompson/Center G2 Contender Shotgun  
Thompson/Center G2 Contender Muzzleloader  
Thompson/Center G2 Contender Muzzleloader .50 Caliber 
Thompson/Center Contender Carbine   
Thompson/Center Standard 21” Carbine  
Thompson/Center 21” Carbine .410 Bore  
Thompson/Center 16” Youth Model Carbine  
Thompson/Center Encore Pistol   
Thompson/Center Encore Rifle   
Thompson/Center Encore Katahdin Carbine  
Thompson/Center Encore Katahdin Turkey Gun  
Thompson/Center Encore Shotgun 20 Gauge  
Thompson/Center Encore Camo Shotgun 12 Gauge  
Thompson/Center Encore Shotgun 12 Gauge  
Thompson/Center Encore Rifled Shotgun 20 Gauge  
Thompson/Center Encore Rifled Shotgun 12 Gauge  
Thompson/Center Encore Turkey Gun   
Thompson/Center Encore 209 x 50 Mag Rifle  
Thompson/Center Encore 209 x 50 Mag Carbine  
Thompson/Center Encore 209 x 50 Pistol  
Thompson/Center Pro Hunter   
Thompson/Center Icon    
Thompson/Center Icon Classic Long Action Rifle  
Thompson/Center Icon Weathershield Medium Action Rifle 
Thompson/Center Model R55   
Thompson/Center TCR Hunter Model   
Thompson/Center 22 LR Classic   
Thompson/Center .22 Classic Benchmark  
Thompson/Center Silver Lynx   
Thompson/Center System 1   
Thompson/Center Thunder Hawk   
Thompson/Center Thunder Hawk Shadow  
Thompson/Center Grey Hawk   
Thompson/Center Hawken Caplock Rifle  
Thompson/Center Hawken Flintlock Rifle  
Thompson/Center Hawken Custom/Elite  
Thompson/Center Omega 45/Omega 50  
Thompson/Center Omega Pivoting Breech Rifle  
Thompson/Center Renegade Caplock Rifle  
Thompson/Center Renegade Flintlock   
Thompson/Center Big Boar Rifle   
Thompson/Center High Plains Sporter   
Thompson/Center Tree Hawk   
Thompson/Center White Mountain Carbine  
Thompson/Center Black Mountain Magnum  
Thompson/Center Pennsylvania Hunter   
Thompson/Center Pennsylvania Match Rifle  
Thompson/Center New England Rifle   
Thompson/Center New Englander Shotgun  
Thompson/Center New Englander Composite  
Thompson/Center Scout Carbine   
Thompson/Center Scout Rifle   
Thompson/Center Scout Pistol   
Thompson/Center Fire Hawk Deluxe   
Thompson/Center Fire Hawk   
Thompson/Center Fire Storm   
Thompson/Center Black Diamond   
Thompson/Center Black Diamond XR   
Thompson/Center Triumph   

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