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First Look: Legacy Sports’ Citadel Boss 25 Semi-Auto Shotgun

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Modeled after the AR-15, the Citadel Boss 25 is familiar … and fast!

Your smoothbore needn’t speak Russian to prattle through shells like there's no tomorrow. A healthy dose of American muscle—somewhat—has hit the market in recent years, rethinking the tactical semi-auto shotgun.

Legacy Sports International’s Citadel Boss 25 is the latest to join the growing class of AR-style shotguns and there’s plenty to like about what it and others of its ilk bring to the table. Above all, familiarity. Everything where it should be—safety, mag release grip and handguard. Making the Boss 25 as recognizable as a well-worn shooting glove, which makes running one a snap for anyone faintly familiar with the AR-15. Who at this point isn’t?

Bang around under the hood of the 12-gauge, most likely it gets a bit vague to those who speak fluent AR. Though, chances are if you know a word or two of Remington 1100, you’ll get what’s going on. Most gas-operated AR-style shotguns use a similar system to “Big Green’s” legendary semi-auto, generally a ring piston. Though, since they’re box-magazine fed, the piston is typically situated around the barrel, whereas the 1100's was around the tubular magazine. Think Rock Island’s VP80. A word of warning, however, this is all conjecture concerning the Boss 25 presently. Legacy hasn’t leaked the finer points of the shotgun, so perhaps they’ve strayed from the herd and cook up some novel operating system.

Whatever the case, Legacy pieced together a shotgun trim as a welterweight. The fore-end is especially slim, an M-Lok laden aluminum unit that should prove a boon if you’re partial to a more forward grip. Further back, the polymer stock is also fairly lithe and adjustable—the comb rise is an especially nice touch, making aiming more intuitive. More than simply looking light, it also weighs in as such, right around 8 pounds—a curse or a blessing, depending on how recoil shy you happen to be.

As to other notables, the Boss 25 has a 3-inch chamber, a factory-installed muzzle brake, comes with five chokes and fully adjustable folding sights. It also boasts a top rail, not full, but more than enough real estate to mount an optic to your liking. Additionally, the gun is available in three finishes, matte black, Cerakote FDE or Cerakote Tactical Gray. Shipping with two 5-round magazines, the Citadel Boss 25 comes in fairly affordable, the black model $579 and the FDE and Gray $639.

Citadel Boss 25 Specs:
Gauge: 12 gauge
Operation: Semi-Auto
Chamber: 3 inch
Finish: Matte Black, Cerakote FDE, Cerakote Tactical Gray
Barrel: 18.75 inches Chrome lined
Muzzle Device: Muzzle Brake
Overall Length: 37.75 inches
Length Of Pull: 14 inches
Weight (Unloaded): 8 lbs
Sights: Adjustable Folding 
MSRP: $579 Matte Black; $639 Cerakote FDE, Gray

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