SecureIt Unveils Innovative New Gun Safe


SecureIt Tacticals' new gun safe offers shooter superior storage and access to their firearms.

When it comes to the firearms industry, SecureIt Tactical has been on the cutting edge for some time now. Only most of the time the company has been out of the limelight.

That has a tendency to happen when you produce weapons storage platforms and not the weapons themselves. But the New York-based company has made its share of waves with its products and armory designs, which are used by militaries and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Recently, however, SecureIt Tactical has moved into the civilian market offering inventive solutions to shooters of every stripe. And its latest gun lockup appears to have plenty going for it.

Superficially, the MILSPEC Safe doesn’t appear to be much more than just another gun vault. But upon opening the door, shooters are met with a much different system for storing their firearms. A system that appears much more logical and organized than many presently available.

What makes the MILSPEC Safe ingenious is SecureIt Tactical’s patented saddle system. The modular system allows the safe’s interior to be modified to match the firearms it stores.

SecureIt Tacticals' new MILSPEC gun safe offers shooters straight-line access to their firearms, a vast improvement over gun safes that require the removal of all firearms to access ones situated to the rear.
SecureIt Tactical's new MILSPEC gun safe offers shooters straight-line access to their firearms, a vast improvement over gun safes that require the removal of all firearms to access ones situated to the rear.

With the system, a shotgun with a 30-inch barrel can be snugly secured right next to an AR carbine with a 16-inch barrel. As a bonus, the safe comes with storage bins for ammunition or shooting accessories.

The flexibility of the system is only matched by the convenience the vault offers. The MILSPEC Safe is designed for straight-line access to the firearms. This means, even if the safe is filled to capacity – 12  firearms – each gun is accessible without having to move another.

This feature might be worth the price of admission alone, for anyone who’s had to empty a traditional gun safe just to get to a firearm in the very back.

There is also an added layer of protection for optics with the way the safe is laid out. Scopes and optics never come in contact with each other, other guns or the walls of the safe, ensuring they retain their zeros.

Some of the safe’s other features include: Two adjustable shelves, door panel for handgun/accessory storage, 45-minute fireproof rating, auto LED lights, 10,000-plus combination electronic lock.

The MILSPEC Safe is 55 ¾-inches high, 36 ½-inches wide and 18-inches deep. It weighs 935 pounds. It’s MSRP is $2,600.

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  1. This company has some very nicely thought out organization systems, and judging by the video, they know it’s their major selling point.
    However the “safe” itself (no specs given on door and wall thickness, locking mechanism, etc. but one can easily guess by the weight) is little more than a RSC like so many other “gun safes”; delivering very little protection against determined thieves with larger prybars, and certainly not from grinders and torches.
    The fire rating is almost surely not UL72 tested but likely speculative (as is just about every “gun safe” maker) from the amount of drywall lining it.
    Look at SecureIT’s website’s listing of products with NSNs and it’s all racks and cabinets designed to be situated inside a vault.
    For a similar amount of cash as the MSRP, you can get a used real safe (UL TL15/ TL30/ TL30X6-rated) and then retrofit that with SecureIT’s organization system if you like it.

  2. Great safe. The only problem I see is that it holds only 12 rifles. Maybe build one deeper and with a double hinged swing-out “wall” that would hold 8 to 10 more rifles.


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