Photo Gallery: Today’s Top Waterfowl Guns


Whether it’s for fast-flying ducks or wide-swinging geese, these heavy hitting waterfowl guns will help you bag a limit this—and every—winter.

Browning A5

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Browning fans have longed for the return of the venerable A5, and in 2012 they got their wish when the company unveiled their thoroughly updated and modernized version of the “Ol’ humpback.” The new Browning runs on a short recoil-operated system that Browning calls Kinematic Drive and uses rearward energy and a spring system to unlock and cycle the action. The receiver is made of machined aluminum alloy, which is lightweight and very durable. The A5’s unique design serves to lengthen the sight plane to improve accuracy, and the new gun utilizes the company’s Invector Plus choke system. The A5 comes in a variety of camo patterns—Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, Bottomlands and Shadow Grass Blades and Realtree Max-5 finishes—and is available in 3- and 3½-inch versions. ($1,580-$1,700;

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