Photo Gallery: New Handguns from 2014 SHOT Show


New Handguns from 2014 SHOT Show

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If there was a theme among handgun manufacturers at the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, it had to be the trend toward smaller semi-autos. That’s not to say new full-size handguns were in short supply. On the contrary, Glock introduced a new full-sized pistol and CZ launched a full-sized polymer semi-auto, as well. A few gun companies like Smith & Wesson and Ruger even put out new revolvers for those who prefer the style and function of a wheel gun.

Many of this year’s “new” models were simply redesigns of current models with a new feature or two to make them more comfortable in the hand and in the pocket. Some were simply scaled-down versions of existing larger models. A few manufacturers, Remington and Glock, for example, did introduce brand-new pocket-friendly semi-automatics. Both new offerings were a hit among the crowds walking the SHOT Show floor. Here’s a look at some of the new offerings for 2014.

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