Pedersoli Pricing & Reference


Pedersoli Pricing & ValuesAre You in the Market for a Pedersoli Firearm?

Know what your Pedersoli firearms are worth with this up-to-date 8-page .PDF download from the Standard Catalog of Firearms.

* Completely updated pricing for Pedersoli firearms with new entries and photos

* Sleeper Alerts: Collectible guns that are outpacing the market

* Links to manufacturers’ websiteDownload gun values nowLearn pricing and values for these Pedersoli firearms:

Pedersoli Mang In Graz Pistol
Pedersoli Kuchenreuter Pistol
Pedersoli Mortimer Pistol
Pedersoli LePage Dueller
Pedersoli Charles Moore Duelling Pistol
Pedersoli Carleton Underhammer Pistol
Pedersoli Remington Pattern Target Revolver
Pedersoli Rogers & Spencer Target Percussion Target Revolver
Pedersoli Kentucky Pistol
Pedersoli Bounty Pistol
Pedersoli Navy Moll Pistol
Pedersoli Harper’s Ferry Pistol
Pedersoli Queen Anne Pistol
Pedersoli An IX Pistol
Pedersoli An XIII Pistol
Pedersoli Remington Rider Derringer
Pedersoli Derringer Liegi
Pedersoli Zimmer Pistol
Pedersoli Saloon Pistol
Pedersoli Swivel-Breech Rifle
Pedersoli Bristlen A. Morges Target Rifle
Pedersoli Swiss Rifle
Pedersoli Wurttemberg Mauser
Pedersoli Gibbs Rifle
Pedersoli Tryon Rifle
Pedersoli Mortimer Rifle
Pedersoli Indian Trade Musket
Pedersoli Frontier Rifle
Kentucky Rifle
Pedersoli Alamo Rifle
Pedersoli Cub Dixie
Pedersoli Country Hunter
Pedersoli Jager Rifle
Pedersoli Leger 1763 Charleville Musket
Pedersoli Revolutionnaire 1777 Musket
Pedersoli Corrige An IX
Pedersoli An IX Dragoon Musket
Pedersoli Austrian 1798 Flintlock Musket
Pedersoli Prussian 1809 Flintlock Musket
Pedersoli Brown Bess Flintlock Musket
Pedersoli Springfield 1795 Musket
Pedersoli Harper’s Ferry 1816 Musket
Pedersoli Rocky Mountain Hawken
Pedersoli Springfield 1861 Rifle
Pedersoli Kodiak Combination Gun
Pedersoli Kodiak Double Rifle
Pedersoli Rolling Block Rifle
Pedersoli 1859 Sharps Cavalry Carbine
Pedersoli 1862 Robinson Confederate Sharps
Pedersoli Sharps 1863 Sporting Rifle
Pedersoli 1874 Sharps
Pedersoli 1873 Trapdoor Springfield
Pedersoli Kodiak Mark IV Express Rifle
Pedersoli Lightning Rifle
Pedersoli Double Percussion Shotgun
Pedersoli Coach Shotgun
Pedersoli Mortimer Shotgun
Pedersoli Denali
Pedersoli Brutus 94
Pedersoli Brutus Ovation
Pedersoli Rolling Block Percussion Rifle


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