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SHOT Show 2012: New Armalite AR-10A Accepts Magpul PMAGs

Armalite President Mark Westrom shows off the Armalite AR10A at SHOT Show 2012.
Armalite President Mark Westrom shows off the Armalite AR-10A at SHOT Show 2012.

Two new rifles from Armalite, designated the AR-10A family of rifles, now accept Magul PMAGS, and other 3rd party magazines. The first members of the AR-10A family are the AR-10 Super SASS and the AR-10 A4 Carbine.

This is welcome news for those who own the traditional ArmaLite “waffle” mags, which also fit the new AR-10As.

According to ArmaLite, customer demand for greater flexibility in mag choice drove the decision to produce the rifle.

The new Armalite AR10A Super Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS) with Magpul PMAG on board. Click to enlarge.

Functionally identical to the AR-10B family of guns, AR-10A rifles will be a welcome addition to those accustomed to standard Armalite ARs.

The Armalite AR-10A is available in the carbine and the Super SASS. Pictured here is the carbine, shown at SHOT Show 2012.

Operation, controls, and maintenance are the same.  However, the AR-10A family is designed to accept early ArmaLite AR-10 “Waffle” magazines — and good quality magazines copied from them — instead of ArmaLite’s proprietary aluminum magazines that are used in the AR-10B family.

However, neither family of firearms will function correctly with the other family’s magazines.

“We have tested, we recommend, and we ship polymer Magpul PMAG 20LR magazines with our AR-10As,” Armalite said. “Other similar derivative magazines such as the KAC, M110, and DPMS/Remington 19 round magazines may fit and may function, but we have not tested them so we can’t assess their reliability.

You can purchase extra PMAGs from Armalite's website,

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