Magnum Research Expands Rimfire Rifle Catalog

Magnum Research continued to expand its catalog of high-end rimfire rifles with the introduction of the MLR Ultra 22LR.
Magnum Research continues to expand its catalog of high-end rimfire rifles with the introduction of the MLR Ultra 22LR.

There is little doubt a particular type of firearm comes to mind at the mention of Magnum Research.

The Minnesota-base manufacturer has made its living producing handguns chambered to take down nothing short of feral blue whales. From its famed Desert Eagle to its rifle-caliber Big Frame Revolvers, Magnum Research has created some of the biggest and baddest guns on the market.

The company, however, has taken a much different tracked in recent years, turning its attentions to .22 rifles. And recently, Magnum Research's rimfire rifle catalog grew a little bit larger.

The company once again expanded its Magnum Lite rimfire rifle line, introducing the MLR Ultra 22LR Rifle. And like Magnum Research's high-powered handguns, the space-aged looking semi-automatic rimfire appears to enjoy a good dose of over-engineering.

The most eye-catching aspect of the rifle, away from its unique lines, is its high-tech 18-inch barrel. The modular tension-type barrel utilizes superior quality steel that attaches to a high-strength stainless steel breech.

The particularly interesting aspect of what Mangnum Research calls its ultra barrel is a piece of proprietary engineering Magnum Research has included. The barrel has a patented heat sink strategically located to dissipate the buildup of heat after long shooting strings. This features aids in the barrel retaining its rigidity, thus its accuracy.

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Also lending itself to the rifle's accuracy is the inclusion of a Bentz chamber, a match-grade chamber for semi-autos that puts the bullet closer to the lands upon loading.

The barrel comes cut with a 1:16 twist, a standard rate for most .22LR.

The rifle comes with ambidextrous thumbhole stock design, allowing for fantastic control, whether off the bench or in the field. Its comb is designed for scope use, and the rifle comes with integral Weaver type scope mount base on the receiver.

The .22 has an extended magazine release, allowing for faster reloading. It boasts swivel studs and checkering on the palm swell grip. And it has a 13 5/8-inch length of pull.

Magnum Research's new rimfire rifle is designed to accommodate a suppressor, with muzzle threads of 1/2×28. However, if the device is not something a shooter is interested in, the rifle comes with a thread protector to prevent damage.

The rifle tips the scales at 4 pounds, 8 ounces and has an overall length of 36 5/8 inch. It can utilize Ruger 10/22 trigger groups and rotary magazines. The MSRP on the rifle is $571.


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